Dr. T. John Winhusen

Dr. T. John Winhusen, Anderson 1986

Dr. T. John Winhusen is a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Cincinnati where he serves as the Vice Chair for Addiction Sciences. He is also the Donald C. Harrison Endowed Chair in Medicine for the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine where he serves as the Director for the Center for Addiction Research, which he founded in 2020. Dr. Winhusen has a BA in psychology from the University of Cincinnati and a PhD in clinical psychology from Indiana University. He is a licensed clinical psychologist in Ohio. Dr. Winhusen has been a continuously funded National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) investigator for the past 25 years. His career has largely focused on conducting NIDA-funded clinical trials to evaluate medication and psychosocial interventions to improve addiction outcomes in “real world” clinical settings. The majority of this work has been accomplished through his roles as both a national principal investigator (PI) of multi-site clinical trials and node PI in the National Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network (CTN). The research that Dr. Winhusen conducts has the goal of improving public health by improving addiction treatment outcomes and has been largely influenced by the two “epidemics” that have occurred during his career – the crack cocaine epidemic and the opioid epidemic. Dr. Winhusen has over 125 publications in peer reviewed journals and has received several awards including the Besteman Award for outstanding contributions to CTN’s mission, presented by the NIDA Director. He is the proud parent of two children, both of who attended Anderson High School.