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The purpose of the AHS Alumni association:

  • To aid and encourage Anderson High School students in the benefits of a higher education.
  • To encourage the Alumni of Anderson High school to join together to raise funds to help students with scholarships.
  • To preserve the history of the school and of the alumni for the benefit of future generations.
distinguished alumni 2020

2020 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

Frank Brandy, Anderson HS ‘82
Ralph Caskey, FHSD Staff 1973 to 2005
Ken Fouts, Turpin HS ‘78
Bruce Hellman, Turpin HS ‘78
Paul Kitzmiller, Anderson HS ‘80

The Turpin Alumni Association, the Anderson Alumni Association and the Forest Hills Foundation for Education hosted the Distinguished Alumni Awards. Alumni were honored for their professional achievements in career, humanitarian service, volunteer activities, community service, and/or history of helping others.

Past Honorees:

2019:  Wes Boatman ’69, Tim Marcagi ’76, Gail Maundrell (Turpin teacher, coach & AHS grad)
2018:  Dennis “Wildman” Walker ’69, Gary Philbin ’75 and retired teacher Sandra Coleman.
2016:  Forest S. Heis ’62, Nader Masadeh ’90 and FHSD teacher and coach Dan Bartholomew.
2015:  Cindy Richey Livingston ’69, Dan Fleming ’81.
2014:  Jeanne Miller ’59, Mike Brandy ’74, Mike Craycraft ’90.
2013:  Dr. Howard Bell ’66, Bob Coughlin ’79, John Hayden ’75 and Richard Wesp, FHSD Staff 1954-2011.

To nominate an Anderson alumni for next year, download the AHS Alumni Nomination form and email it to info@fhfe.org or mail it to the address indicated.

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