Teacher Grants


Our goal is to fund innovative proposals that ignite learning and improve educational outcomes.

Congratulations to the 2021-22 Recipients

Watch the Prize Patrol award over $35,000!


This year, teachers and staff were encourage to work collaboratively across the district and submit grant ideas for programs and resources that would impact all students of the Forest Hills School District. $35,480 was awarded to 18 grant recipients. 

Culturally Responsive Art Materials: $522
Mercer: Catherine Benjamin and Michale Sanker

Provide markers, crayons and pencils in all Mercer K-6 classrooms to support the culturally diverse student body with the ability to accurately depict how they look. This would also build awareness with the whole student body of the skin colors represented in their school and around the world.

The Choice Book Express: $1,089
Anderson: Nate Bissinger, Pamela Pendry, Lauren Olsen

This provides multiple copies of the most popular independent reading books for 9th grade students so that they can be immediately available to encourage a love of reading.

Forest Hills Marching Band Mac Pro: $1,428
Turpin/Anderson: Steven Funke

This replaces a 10 year old, broken Mac Book Pro needed to run all the electronics for the Forest Hills Marching Band and indoor winter percussion group shows.

Kindergarten Doll Houses: $2,249
Ayer: Mary Beth Conklin, Kim Kollman, Laura Matre, Megan Ashby

This adds dollhouses for each of the Ayer Kindergarten classrooms as part of purposeful play. This will support the social and emotional part of the curriculum and include dolls of different ethnicities to support our ESL learners.

Decodable Day Keeps Illiteracy Away: $2,514
All Elementaries: Jennifer Neely

This provides decodable, high interest text books which support phonics learning to our Reading Specialists in all k-3 classrooms in the district.

Math Game Library/Math Buddies: $1,133
Ayer: Staci Lewis

This will build a math game library accessible to the whole school with games that could be checked out by every classroom. It also supports creating a “Math Buddies” system where upper grades pair with younger students to learn problem solving through the games as well as life skills in working together.

Spartan Summit: $1,500
Turpin: Tiffany Elberfeld

This is an inaugural student led conference that will offer opportunities to lead explore, connect and grow. Students, staff and community leaders will submit session proposals to execute and all students will be able to choose sessions that they would like to attend based on their personal interests.

Chinese New Year: $750
Turpin/Anderson: Ling Zhang, Bryce Zhang

This project will celebrate the Chinese Lunar New year with all Forest Hills Mandarin students to learn about and experience an authentic celebration.

I can be an Engineer: $1,640
Mercer: Terrie Meister, Joy Smith, Kara Meltebrink, Kathleen Ralph

This will provide builder and block materials to allow all Mercer Kindergarten classrooms to work together to build and solve problems in real time and not a computer screen.

Calm Down Tool Boxes: $7,508
All Elementaries: Shannon Rooney, Paige Francis, Gigi Naughton, Jessie Martin, Jean Bode, Lisa Cranfill

All district elementary classroom teachers will get a calm down tool box for their students to utilize when they are dysregulated. This will allow students to have immediate use of the tools so that they can more quickly calm down and be ready to learn.

Math Fluency Instruction: $6,846
All Elementaries: Angie Garber, Erica Thompson, Chris Bellar

This provides fact fluency kits for second and third grade teachers in all elementaries.

Graphing Calculator Loaner Program: $3,330
Turpin: Ben Schulcz

This provides replacement graphing calculators for the calculator loaner program at Turpin.

Recording Studio: $3,500
Anderson: Chad Weddle

This provides high quality recording equipment in the BLACK BOX Theatre at AHS. This will support concerts, OMEA Solo and Ensemble, Film Festival, theatre and film projects, Battle of the Bands, and other groups that need to record music.

Dance & Spin Team Inaugural Season: $1,470
Nagel: Zackary Strong

This is a start up fund to provide equipment for a new Dance And Spin Team/club at Nagel.

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