Teacher Grants


Our goal is to fund innovative proposals that ignite learning and improve educational outcomes.

Congratulations to the 2023-24 Recipients

The Prize Patrol awarded over $85,000!

Teachers and staff are encouraged to work collaboratively across the district and submit grant ideas for programs and resources that will impact all Forest Hills School District students.

Watch the prize patrol award these 13 collaborative grants!

Decodable Readers For Kindergarten $4,500
All Kindergarten Classrooms in the District: Decodable readers for all Kindergarten students in the District. These are consistent with those used in grades 1-2

Experiential Learning In 1/2 Day Kindergarten: $596
All Summit & Ayer Students: This provides a variety of learning materials to use to promote problem-solving skills

Recorders & Music Literacy for All $5,082
All Elementaries/3rd & 4th Grade: This provided consistent recorder equipment for all elementary and a consistent framework for recorder instruction. (3rd &4th grades – the entire District)

Spelling Bee Grant: $1,080
All Elementaries/All 5th & 6th Graders: This will allow all 5th and 6th graders in the district to participate in the Scripps National Spelling Bee to inspire the exploration of words and celebrate academic achievement.

Storyworks: $2,888
All 3rd Graders in the District: This will provide Storyworks, a multi-faceted reading resource to all 3rd graders in the district. They are colored newspapers that include current world events, new vocabulary, multi-genre reading texts, and complex comprehension strategies.

Spark Night/Science Fair: $2,500
All Elementeries/Anderson & Turpin: High school students build and demonstrate science-based innovation activities to elementary-aged students to interest them in science/STEM activities to support Spark Night.  Additionally, this will provide material for the Science and Innovation Fair, which will be expanded in scope to include more engineering and design projects.

Orchestra Special Clinicians: $2,500
Impacting Anderson & Turpin High School Students: This funds clinicians to work with string students in both high schools to improve technique.

High School 3d Printer: $3,432
Impacting Anderson & Turpin High School Students: Purchase updated 3D printers for the engineering programs.

Aspire Youth Discovery Initiative: $5,000
Impacting Anderson & Turpin High School Students: Joint initiative between FHSD and Anderson Chamber of Commerce.  It is a leadership program for Sophomores with good attendance and strong work ethic, but not the highest achievers academically. The goal is to be a difference maker to students who may not see themselves as leaders.

Hilinski’s Hope Student-Athlete Mental Health: $5,000
Impacting Anderson & Turpin High School Students: This provides funds to purchase the materials and speaking fees for all students in both high schools to participate in Hilinksi’s Hope Mental Health Week.

Mini PCR Bluegel Electrophoresis Equipment: $675
Impacting Anderson & Turpin High School Students: Replacing equipment that is 20+ years old so that students can observe the gel electrophoresis process and do it much faster( within the 45-minute class period).

FH Winterguard Grant: $1,500
Impacting Anderson & Turpin High School Students and All Nagel 7th & 8th Grade Students: This provides the Winterguard colorguard with a floor tarp needed to compete.

Lunar New Year Celebration: $400
Impacting Anderson & Turpin High School Students and All Nagel 7th & 8th Grade Students: Purchase materials to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year with all the district’s students taking Mandarin.

Watch the Prize Patrol visit ANDERSON and TURPIN

Family and Consumer Sciences ALL HANDS ON DECK: $1,000
All AHS Students: This would provide a Cricut machine and materials to Fashion design classes to expand their ability to create fashion.

Rapstore Shipping Label Printer: $200
All AHS Students: Purchase a shipping label printer for the Rapstore so students don’t need to print labels by hand.  It is more efficient and better mirrors real-world business.

Vocational Tasks/Work Transition: $1,097
All AHS Students: This buys equipment to teach students with moderate to intensive disabilities life and job readiness skills for life beyond the classroom.

Latin Rhythms: $1,097
Turpin: Have a local Latin Jazz band perform for all Spanish, Band, and Orchestra students.

Theatre Tech Computers: $5,000
Turpin: This will provide two laptops for the technical theater classes.  The only computers available to do this are the teacher’s laptop or a student’s personal computer if they have one.  It severely limits the number of students and the time students use the software to edit film, lighting, and sound.

Watch the Prize Patrol visit NAGEL

Portrait of Who I Am: $800
All Nagel 7th & 8th Grade Students: Students create a self-portrait of who they are using all of their senses of who they are at the moment, exploring color and texture.

If you Build it– Will They Buy It: $4,500
All Nagel 7th & 8th Grade Students: This will purchase the material for students to design, make, and market their products using a Glowforge machine in the SOAR store.


Memories in Glass: $4,730
All Nagel 7th Grade Students: Supplies so that students (7th grade) can create a tile of glass to be fused in a ceramic kiln.  They will be instructed to include their name and their favorite activity or memory of Nagel.

Nagel Chess Club: $395.00
All Nagel 7th & 8th Grade Students: Replace 25+ year old chess sets with durable, high-quality sets.

Night Hawk Bike Park: $2,000
All Nagel 7th & 8th Grade Students: Provide students and the community with a mountain bike terrain course that supports physical and mental wellness. This will be part of the Lifetime Sports Class at Nagel during school hours. Brian has raised over $45,000 separately from FHFE.

Watch the Prize Patrol visit Summit

Building Fact Fluency Toolkit: $589
All Summit Students: Toolkits for multiplication and division, focusing on learning math via understanding and flexible thinking rather than memorizing facts.  This is for one class without access to the toolkit because the teacher moved grades.


Watch the Prize Patrol visit Ayer

Kindergarten Purposeful Play Kitchen: $1,241
All Ayer Students: Purchase a play kitchen for a kindergarten classroom.  The other classrooms in the school have a kitchen, which has been shown to help promote creative development.

Watch the Prize Patrol visit WILSON

Classroom Leveled Library: $1,241
All Wilson Students: This fills in the rest of the classroom library for a new 

Cuisenaire Rods For Math Wizards: $280
All Wilson Students: This provides 2 sets of Cuisenaire Rods, which are tools to bring abstract concepts to life, which will help students understand concepts like place value, fractions, and geometry.

First Grade STEAM/Maker Space: $1,200
All Wilson 1st Grade Students: Create a maker space in Wilson’s first-grade classrooms to facilitate STEM-based cross-curricular learning.

Watch the Prize Patrol visit Maddux

Social Thinking Early Learner Bundle: $314
All Maddux Students: This purchases the Social Thinking early learning bundle, which teaches basic and complex social skills to neurotypically developing children and children with social and behavioral learning differences.  These will be used by speech & occupational therapists, psychologists, and other specialists.

Decodable Readers For Intermediate Grades: $1,264
All Maddux Students: Purchase a complete set of decodable readers for grades 3-6.  This fills the gap for the intermediate-grade students who still need phonics instruction and support.

Syllasense: $900
All Maddux Students: This will provide reading specialists with decodable books to support small group tier 2 and 3 instruction in K-2.

Watch the Prize Patrol visit Sherwood

Calm Room: $453
All Sherwood Students: The calm down room gives the child a space to feel safe recognizing and regulating their emotions healthily.

Watch the Prize Patrol visit Mercer

Empowering Early Readers Decodable Library: $4,485
All Mercer Students: This provides a decodable reader library for all K-3 Mercer students so they can have various decodable books for personal choice reading and to take home.

Making Math Fluency Fun Grade 1: $1,500
1st Grade Mercer Students: Provide Greg Tang Math Puzzles for multiple skill levels in 1st grade to make math practice fun and challenging.

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