Teacher Grants 2022


Our goal is to fund innovative proposals that ignite learning and improve educational outcomes.

Congratulations to the 2022-23 Recipients

The Prize Patrol awarded over $100,000!

Teachers and staff are encouraged to work collaboratively across the district and submit grant ideas for programs and resources that would impact all students of the Forest Hills School District. 5 grants totaling $50,000 were awarded to the Elementary schools that will bring opportunities to ALL students in ALL elementary buildings.

Watch the prize patrol award these 5 collaborative grants!

Fluency Foundations for Flexible Learners: $6,788.52
All Kindergarten Classrooms in the District: Kim Kollmann, Carrie Foltz, Kathleen Ralph, Terrie Meister, Kate Bellar, Brook Lovely, Tara Miller, Hannah Sharrerm Angie Garber, Ericka Thompson, Mike Sanker

This provides research-based toolkits for every kindergarten classroom in the district to learn addition and subtraction math by developing a deep conceptual understanding rather than just memorizing facts.

Mock Newbery: $14,400
All 4th, 5th, & 6th grade ELA classes

Provide the materials for a Mock Newbery in which students read, critically discuss and vote on new literature. Mock Newbery is a nationally recognized program.

Coding with Dash: $22,500
All Elementaries/All Grades: May Jo Voegele, Guy Frye, Mark Ernst, Tonya Swisshelm, Joanna Rose

This provides dash robots and chrome books to allow students to learn how to code the robots to do a series of tasks.

Outbreak Alert: Engineering Pandemic Response: $865
All 6th Grade ELO Students in the District: Wendy Tesimann, Deb Smith, Tiffany Necamp, Anita Hughs, Kathy Kallmyerm Holly Sattler

Fund a project to have students simulate biomedical engineers as they explore how to prepare for outbreaks of highly contagious diseases.

Intentional Reading Instruction: $6,000
All 1st Grade Classes in the District

Books for all 1sr grade classrooms in the district to support individualized choice reading instruction.

Watch the Prize Patrol visit ANDERSON and TURPIN

High School After Hours Academic Support: $18,000
Anderson: Adrienne Black, Chris Delotell, Carol Terwillegar, Amy Maxwell
Turpin: David Spencer, Camey Eberhard, Carrie Urshel

Funds to provide two additional teachers for after-hours academic support and some student incentives for credit-deficient juniors and seniors. The number of students needing this support has tripled this year due to the pandemic.

ACTFL Virtual Exchange Conference: $265
Anderson: Kendell Hogden

To promote virtual exchange among students here and in Columbia using Zoom and have the teacher attend a conference to collaborate with other Spanish teachers about this exchange and other opportunities.

Lunar New Year Celebration: $500
Anderson, Turpin, Nagel: Ling Zhang, Bryce Zhang

This provides materials to allow Chinese language students to experience a Lunar New Year celebration and all its cultural traditions.

Film Class Equipment: $5,806
Turpin: Roderick Vesper

Provides equipment to launch a film production class at Turpin. The class is already available at AHS and we have supported equipment there.

Extempore Based Assessment Tool:  $500
Turpin: Laura Martinez

An application that streamlines the performance-based tasks for AP Spanish that provides more meaningful and convenient feedback to track progress throughout the year for the AP Spanish exam.

Orchestra Clinicians and Specialists: $2,775
Turpin:Robin Bierschenk

To incorporate clinicians or specialists to support and develop student musicians.

Watch the Prize Patrol visit NAGEL, MERCER & SHERWOOD

Portrait of Who I Am: $800
Nagel: Sarah Cook

Provide supplies so that students can create a self-portrait of who they are using all their senses, exploring color and texture.

Nagel Dance & Spin Team Competition Season: $1,800
Nagel: Zackary Strong

To provide funds for equipment and competition fees for the Dance and Spin Team to have a full competitive season.

Printmaking Equipment: $1,611.38
Nagel: Matt Shifley

Provide Print-making tools to enable students to explore print-making as an art medium.

Pump Up the Volume: $4,500
Nagel: Julie Ann Koenig

Provides equipment for students to explore how different materials can be used to amplify everything from a voice to a cell phone speaker.

ESC TouchChat: $1,196
Mercer: Emily Berry

This will provide a communication app for ESC students and teachers with visual, vocabulary, and social language support.

Pre-School Pretend Play: $6,495
Sherwood: Jody Brandon

Supply kitchen playsets in preschool classrooms to enhance Pretend Play Learning Centers that support the Creative curriculum in the Ohio learning standards and social-emotional development.

Ukelele Club: $400
Sherwood: Robin Hampton

Provide additionally needed ukuleles for the ukulele club to provide interesting and creative growth for interested students

Watch the Prize Patrol visit AYER

Building Fact Fluency: $1,557
Ayer:Kelly Schulte, Lori Trent, Katie Holt, Michelle Olix

This provides research-based toolkits for every second-grade classroom at Ayer to learn addition and subtraction math by developing a deep conceptual understanding rather than just memorizing facts. A grant last year allowed the teacher team to use one over the summer and they determined this tool is extremely useful.

Genius Hour: $1,000
Ayer: Bridget Murphy, Lauren Wiethorn, Sara Kitzmiller, Amy FeldKamp

Would allow students to personalize their English/language arts learning while exploring their passions for art, science, technology, and writing.

Watch the Prize Patrol visit MADDUX

Video Editing/Streaming Center: $1,230
Maddux: Peter Francus

Provide equipment to film and create videos while using streaming tools. For example, they could create weekly news video segments for the school.

Watch the Prize Patrol visit WILSON

Teaching Art Behaviors: $231.98
Wilson: Danielle Fender

Provide materials to create a “Teaching Art Behaviors” classroom (like an art studio) to help students learn to think like an artist and explore process over product.

Classroom Leveled Library: $800
Wilson: Kristin Niemiller

Classroom library for a new 2nd-grade classroom.


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