Destination Imagination


Destination Imagination (DI) is a national program in which students compete in teams of 3 to 7 students to:

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September 20, 7-8 pm, Nagel Cafetorium

  • Learn higher order analytical skills including creative thinking, critical thinking and collaborative problem solving
  • Experience the creative process while working together in a group setting
  • See that learning is FUN
  • Identify, celebrate and develop their strengths through team building

The Foundation pays the cost of Destination Imagination teams at the six elementary schools and Nagel, and will expand to the high schools as existing teams move up.  These costs include team manager materials, entrance fees for the regional, state and global tournament, and partial transportation costs for state and global tournaments.

DI teams are led by adult volunteer team managers. If you are interested in starting a team at your child’s school, click here for more information or email Colleen Berliner,

For more information about this wonderful program go to the

Congratulations to the 2021-22 Forest Hills Destination Imagination Teams!

The Forest Hills Foundation is a proud supporter of Destination Imagination. This year 60 kids on 11 teams participated with 6 qualifying for the state competition on April 2! Many also earned awards for creativity and teamwork. Congratulations to the following teams:

From Ayer Elementary: 

Clever Mountain Toads (state qualifiers, unable to attend)
Nora Braukman, Kris Hari, Asha Marathe, Lucy Casterline, Avery South, Cora Harman

STEAMERS (state qualifiers)
Sahil Dayal, Harrison Pedapati, Lucas Wolff, Brennan Bobinger, Josie Keeney

Pink Dolphins
Kaleb Dickow, Jack Gise, Lilly Lund, Nina Hari, Karina Fee, Noah Pedapati, Falguni Patel

Ayer Monsters (DaVinci Award)
Emery Fulton, Laine Fulton, Jacob Homan, Wren Allen, Abigail Kampe, Brandt Rod, Samantha Hansen
DaVinci Award Winner –  For showing exceptional creativity in their model home.  It was made from many interesting materials (ping pong balls, tin cans, felt).  Rooms were designed down to the most intricate of details – the kids had their own art on the walls and a lawnmower in the garage!  This felt like a large-scale dollhouse.  Well done!

Go Go Bananas (Spirit of Discovery and Imagination Award)
Aaron Wolff, Dean Wilson, Samantha Rennekamp, Lily Rennekamp, Elliot Suder, Abigail Bobinger, Greyson Loreaux
Spirit of Discovery & Imagination Award – For showing outstanding teamwork throughout their performance and Instant Challenge.  Appraisers enjoyed seeing their work on the props – especially the house that broke and got fixed.  The team chant showed just how much this group was in unison and had FUN!

The Videogamers
Archer Syngkon, Norah Schrameck, Dylan Sturgill, Aarav Shah, Mae McGarey, Hendley Bucheit, Jay O’Connell

From Mercer Elementary:

No Brainers (state qualifiers & DaVinci Award)
Mark Leara, Brian Gorman, Will Roberts
DaVinci Award – For showing exceptional creativity in their approach and understanding of the Challenge.  The team used tubs of colored water as part of various Hazards that their Daring Devices had to overcome.  They utilized moving water and created waves with a hairdryer – a unique approach to creating “uneven terrain”.

Shining Stars (state qualifiers & Renaissance Award)
Rihansh Yadav, Mason Rettig, Hadley Grove, Allison Gorman, Ethan DeMaria
Renaissance Award – For achieving a technical and engineering feat by designing a rotating object with a DC motor connected to a rocker switch that drew energy from a battery pack.  The team was able to detail the science behind the function of the motor, teaching the Appraisers some knowledge in the process!  It was an integral part of their performance.

From Wilson Elementary:

Radioactive (state qualifiers, unable to attend)
Owen Flora, Elizabeth Flora, Ethan Bloomfield, Lucia Grau-Garces, Henry Forte, Brady Balcom, Caroline Hicks

From Nagel Middle School:

 Redacted (state qualifiers)
 Norah Zellen, Gea Eshleman, Lena Pianfetti, Luc Marotti, Annabelle Freeman


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