Dr. Douglass Boettner

Douglas Boettner

Dr. Douglas Boettner, Turpin, 1996

Douglas Boettner is a US Scientific Director for Oncology Pipeline Products at
GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals (GSK), where he oversees clinical trials on
transformative new cancer therapies. After graduating from Turpin in 1996, Doug went
to college (University of Cincinnati, BS ’99) and graduate school (University of Virgina,
PhD ’07) to study biology and medical sciences.  Doug’s next stop was the University of
Miami in Miami Florida where he was an Assistant Professor in Cellular and Molecular
Pharmacology.  There he ran a lab focused on describing the molecular underpinnings
of rare diseases.  In 2015, he returned home to work with Santa Ono, then President of
the University of Cincinnati.  In 2016, an opportunity arose to move into the
pharmaceutical industry, where Doug still works.

Outside of work, Doug enjoys spending time with his wife Carrie and son, Charlie.  That
typically involves the outdoors.  He has been a coach for many sports, most recently
Baseball.  He and Charlie enjoy at home science experiments and building projects.
Doug has also served as the president of the Anderson Foundation for Parks &
Recreation, a 501(C)(3) that supports the Anderson Park District.  He has now stepped
away from that role, but still finds ways to be involved in park programs and fund
raising. On many a weekend, you can find Doug at Juilfs Park involved in a pickup
game with Charlie and his teammates.