Hats Off To You

Hats Off To You!

Congratulations on your graduation!

As you celebrate all of your accomplishments and look to the future, consider honoring a teacher or staff member who has made a difference in your life with a gift to the Forest Hills Foundation for Education.

Your donation to the Forest Hills Foundation for Education, allows us to cultivate resources and create more opportunities for all students in:

  1. Enhanced Programs for elementary students graduating to middle school
  2. Academic After-School Support at Nagel, Turpin, and Anderson. 
  3. Continued support of our front-line educators through teacher grants to meet their needs.

For $23, honor a teacher/staff member today!

Our 2023 Donors

Thanks to the following donors for their support of the 2022 “Hats Off To You`` Campaign:


Abbatiello, Grady
Cassell, Luke
Combs, Natalie
Diaz, Talley
Feltman, Charlie
Forte, Will
Young, Carter


Kristine Hemmelgarn
Mr. Haney
Gail Maundrell, Jamie Harloff, Kelly Erhman, Laura Martinez, Robin Bierschenck, Sherry Amorocho
Gayle Garza
Kristine Hemmelgarn
Steve Bertsch & Dave Spencer
Jamie Harloff

Our 2022 Donors

Thanks to the following donors for their support of the 2022 “For You and You`` Campaign:


Bacevich, Amy
Behan, Lindsay
Berreth, Jeni
Black, Dominic
Blangger, Lori
Bode, Jean
Bolton, Sara
Brummett, Kelsey
Byers, Selena
Cafferky, Keith
Camins, Amy
Castle-Brinker, Kay
Cherry, Carla
Cipollone, Kathleen
Corrill, Emily
Clark, Michelle
Dean, Julie
Dinsmore, Jonathan
Dooley, Katie
Estridge, Perrie
Fariello, Judith
Fehrenbach, Steffan
Fender, Kyle
Frank, Janna
Frye, Amanda
Garcia, Heidi
Gillard, Stacy
Hale, Mana
Hartley, Shane
Hazlett, Nemia
Herzog, Pam
Holstein, Christina
Huffsteder, Kelly
Jones, Amy
Kampe, Christina
Kender, Krystal
Koenig, Julie
Kozak, Nancy & Ken
Lamkin, Nekie
Liening, Douglas
Lowe, Jessie
Luttmer, William
Marotti, Jason
McCleery, Trudi
McDonough, Sean
McNulty, Lynne
Metz, John
Meyers, Kelly and Tom
Moehring, Jody
Mullin, Declan
Ness, Vesela
Nye, Jeff
Ossenbeck, Megan
O’Toole, Josephine
Overbey, Amy and Mike
Pappenheimer, Cheryl
Patterson, Alli
Pianfetti, Stephanie
Plumton, Jason
Presar, Courtney
Quales, Danielle
Quatman, Carmen
Rao, Uday
Ravagnani, Anthony
Rennekamp, Mandi
Riley, Alison
Ryan, Daniel
Sallee, Kimberly
Simpson, Jennifer
Slemons, Dawn
Spinola, Keith
Standage, Laura
Steitz, Sarah
Suder, Leah and Brad
Sunberg, Jeff
Thaman, Andy
Thompson, Marcus
Thorp, Karen
Timmers, Patricia
Welker, Ryan
Wells, Meagan
Wert, Kevin
Zamora, Wilder
Zimmerman, Jennifer


Anita Hughes

Wendy Teismann

Mrs. Sadacca
Casey Davidson

Sammy and Joshua Kemphues
Brian Lee, Dave Spencer, Kyle Fender, Emily Bamber

Aaden, Elsie & Xavier Corrill
Amanda Klamo, Jennifer DeLotell, Ashley Corna, Wendy Tiesmann

Amy Wehr
Trey Fariello
Isla Belle Fehrenbach and Angie Sutter

Lizzie and Allie Flora

Maddux Teachers
Carson Garcia
Gavin and Trevor Gillard
Bodhi and Tyber Hale

Chris Newt
Jenna Herzog
Mrs. Nowak and Mrs. Galluppi

Nicholas, Ellie and Matthew Lamkin

Lisa Robinett, Heather Milligan, Kathy Chapman, and everyone on PT, Speech, OT, Hearing, Para Prof. team

Jean Bode

Bradley Kirlin

Kennedy Mullin

William Karwisch
Jane, Cate and Mary Overbey
Alexis Pappenheimer

Amy Johnson and Megan Mahaffey
John Farmer, Rhys and Leo Teuschler

Lisa Dean and Adam Bridges

Connor Spinola
Mr. Zhang, Mr. Armstrong, Mrs. Broxterman

Elliot Suder

Sam Kleverf

Mrs. Keep
Carson and Caitlyn Welker