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We are Committed to Investing in Success of our Students

It is clear in today’s environment, tax revenue cannot provide everything needed for a world-class educational system. The Forest Hills Foundation for Education (FHFE) supports educational programs and needs not covered by the current Forest Hills School District budget.


At the recent 10 year milestone, the Forest Hills Foundation for Education team partnered with the district and took a strategic look to the future. The team aligned on 4 key elements needed for Forest Hills to continue to be named within the top school districts in the area.

For 2019-20 we will focus on: Wellness, Innovation, Learning and, Love!

We WILL support Wellness

in our schools through mental health initiatives, Hope Squad and Child Focus.

We WILL support Learning

in our schools through teacher grants, after-school tutoring, college prep, and career experience-ships.

We WILL support Innovation

in our schools by providing resources for Destination Imagination, Robotics, VR and E-Sports.

We WILL support Love

in our schools by collaborating with other FHSD organizations to maximize effectiveness and encourage community involvement.

FHFE Programs

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