Honor Your Student

Honor Your Student(s) or Former Student(s)

For the Love of Learning

As we kick-off this fall semester, it’s a great time to support all students within Forest Hills and honor your own.
Your donation to the Forest Hills Foundation for Education, allows us to cultivate resources and create more opportunities for all students in:

  1. Student Health & Wellness
  2. Access to Innovative Initiatives
  3. Hands-On Experiential Programs

For $20.21, honor your student(s) today!
Forest Hills School Students

Our Donors

Thanks to the following donors for their support of “Honor your Student(s) Campaign:


Bissinger, Julie
Flora, Sarah
Giglio, Elizabeth
Gillard, Stacy
Hayden, Ann
Hunter, Lindsay
Klump-Lee, Kelly
Lairmore, Brandi
Lyon, William
Marathe, Katina
Martinez, Randy
Mauer, Kim
Milligan, Heather
Mort, Tony
Suder, Leah
West, Emily
White, Whitney
Whiting, Nicole
Wilson, Lauren


Luke Bissinger, Nate Bissinger
Owen Flora, Lizzie Flora, Allie Flora

Gavin Gillard, Trevor Gillard
Hayden Wilson, Dean Wilson
Elsa Hunter, Greta Hunter

Bristan Lairmore, Blakelyn Lairmore, Brookslyn Lairmore
Frank Lyon – Alum Class of 2017,  Grant Lyon – Alum Class of 2017

Poppy Martinez
The Mauer children!
Ethan Gutzeit
Camryn Mort, Lindsey Mort
Elliot Suder
Elise West, Vera West, George West
Ben White, Austin White
Maddie Whiting, Claire Whiting
Hayden Wilson, Dean Wilson

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